Every day, 42 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer.

You can give them HOPE.

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$5,000 Medical Team Sponsor:
Sponsors a medical team of doctors and nurses to care for 10 critically ill children at any of our week-long programs.

$2,500 Family Sponsor:
Adopts a family for a full year and provides life-changing services for the child, siblings, and parents.

$1,500 Sponsor a Child:
Adopts a child for any of our week-long camp programs, including the Winter Games and Aspen Summer Adventure.

$850 Event Sponsor:
Sponsors a single day event for the families we serve.

$250 Adaptive Sport Sponsor:
Provides adaptive sport instruction for a participant with a disability.


$50 Medical Sponsor:
Purchases medical supplies for programs

Please note: Each sponsor level covers a portion of expenses necessary to provide the described services. The Shining Stars Foundation matches your support with additional donations, primarily in-kind contributions, to fully cover costs.